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As our name states all of our silver is authentic ,designed, and handcrafted by the finest jewelers from Taxco. Authenticity and high quality customer service will always be our top priority.Thanks we look forward to doing business with you soon.
Mexican silver jewelry in our online store is the same authentic jewelry that we sell at our shops here in Mexico. We have been selling Taxco silver in Acapulco, Taxco, and Rosarito Mexico for over 40 years. We have many different pieces and designs of mexican sterling silver. Most of our items are
silver grade .925 but we also carry it in .950, .980, and other grades.
We have many different styles of Mexican Silver necklaces with a variety of gemstones from red coral, blue lapis, and many others. Many of our Mexican Silver bracelets showcase a beautiful blend of styles with different gemstones and awesome artisian designs. Our Mexican Silver earrings and Mexican Silver rings also display many diffrent designs and gemstones which blend in beautifully with sterling silver. The Mexican Silver pendants we offer vary in size shape and design from Mayan Calender pendants to pendants with large gemstones.

Over the years we have collected many Mexican Silver vintage pieces from many diffrent maestros and maestras from their platerias some of these pieces are 20 to 60 years old. On some occasions we will showcase vintage pieces from some of the best artist from Mexico.
The belt buckles we have are one of a kind some with vintage mexican coins and others with turquoise and avalon. Our brooches are one of a kind pieces. The money clips we have are strong, durable and beautifully handcrafted. Our collection of men's rings are some of the most beautiful mens rings you can find.
Besides our Taxco Silver jewelry products we also sell many other arts and crafts from Mexico. We have beautiful bead work jewelry from earrings to necklaces. We also have many products from native indians here in Mexico. If there is some Mexican Jewelry that you want or interested in please let us know or send us a picture. On large orders we can sometimes offer wholesale prices.
Mexican Silver Jewelry